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Promotions and News


We are happy to announce we now offer a product to help eliminate the
fogging of lenses!

It is a premium anti-fog stopper that is designed for most lenses and safe
for non-glare coatings.
This is a solution that can be applied as needed and can last up to a
It can be used on everyday eyewear, swimming goggles, ski goggles,
safety glasses and more. (Including face shields)

We sell it in a 10ml bottle for $20.

Purchase a year supply of contact lenses through us and you receive 20% off Sunwear anytime of the year.


Dear Patients,

We are reaching out during this time to see how you are doing. Many people are getting used to working from home and have noticed an increase in eyestrain, headaches, dry eyes and poor sleep/fatigue. This may be due to the increased exposure to blue light from your digital devices and TV screens.

If you or anyone in your family wears contact lenses or does not need prescription eyewear while using digital devices or watching TV, we can help alleviate the symptoms associated with blue light over exposure. We recommend wearing high quality blue light glasses with lenses made by BluTech. BluTech is the leader in blue light blocking technology and the only lens clinically proven to regulate melatonin production, which allows you to sleep better, feel better and perform better. BluTech glasses are available with non-prescription BluTech lenses in styles for children and adults. BluTech glasses include industry leading blue light protection, UV protection, premium anti reflective and scratch protective coatings.

All you have to do is select which style you would like to order and let us know. We will have them shipped right to you. You don't even have to come in.

The glasses are only $40, they are ready to ship and can make a huge difference.

Contact us here by phone, 260-616-0184 or email

Thank you and stay safe,

Envision Eye Care

Zilis CBD Oil

Envision Eye Care is excited to announce that we have become a proud independent ambassador of Zilis CBD Oil! We are now carrying CBD Oil within the office. If you prefer to purchase it online, click here to order!

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Getting everyone ready to head back to school can be an exciting time of year. But your to-do list can fill up fast, and it’s challenging to get the kids’ clothing and supply shopping finished before the first day of school arrives. Did you forget to schedule your back-to-school child eye exams in all the hustle and bustle? Before you check the eye doctor off your list, consider these stats:

5-10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-aged children have vision problems

60% of parents don’t feel an eye exam is an essential part of a child’s check-up schedule 

Did you know that, when left untreated, some childhood vision problems can be mistakenly diagnosed as a learning disorder, or can eventually cause permanent eye health and vision problems? Additionally, with how quickly children grow, their eyes can change drastically from year to year, requiring regular eye exams to be sure their eyewear helps them see clearly.

Routine Child Eye Exams

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months of age. Additional exams should be scheduled for three years of age and before they begin kindergarten or first grade. Parents should at least schedule a pediatric eye exam at least every two years if nothing else.

Children’s Eyewear

Designers for children's eyewear create the frames and lenses with highly durable and shatter-resistant materials. Designer glasses that are both fashionable and functional are also available. It’s easy to get kids excited about glasses, especially when frames can be fun colors and a great way to reflect their unique personality!

Time to schedule an appointment before back-to-school? Visit our website to request an appointment online or call our office!

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